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• Automatic Flight Time Logger for Pilots
• Flight Tracker for AeroClubs and Flight Instructors
• Community tool
• Flight Data Recorder (black box)

aeroclapp® brings together Pilots, Flight Instructors and aeroclubs. It logs flight times automatically and tracks aircrafts in real time providing extra safety on flight Operations. aeroclapp® allows the pilot to focus on flying instead of writing down take-off and landing times.

Based on GPS data and other sensors of the smartphone, aeroclapp® provides a flight times summary at the end of each flight. An edit function is available to modify these logs in case of a GPS signal loss.

When logging in, select your AeroClub or join aeroclapp® Community if yours is not on the list provided. Once validated by the Community administrator, choose a bird, go flying and let your smartphone work for you.


• Keeps a record of your flights and logged times.
• Detects Engine ON/OFF times (hobbs), Block OFF/ON times, Take-Off, Landing and number of landings.
• Tracks the aircraft in real time (provided the 3G/4G network is available).
• Works in background allowing you to use other apps and save battery during flight.
• Sends logged times to the Instructor/AeroClub, once validated by the pilot.
• Stores additional data from your smartphone’s sensors (accelerometers, etc…) in the internal memory of the device for a limited period of time. This data can be analyzed in the event of an incident/accident (Flight Data Recorder).


The logged times depend on the accuracy of smartphone sensors. aeroclapp® uses GPS speed, windy conditions or specific maneuvers could lead to false outputs.

aeroclapp® has been developed for pilots by pilots (and engineers where extremely necessary…) with the purpose of letting you focus on flying while providing your AeroClub mates a tool to reduce paperwork and enhance safety.

Download and try aeroclapp®

The STARMAN AVIATION team will be happy to provide support and receive your feedback.


Happy 2018 pilot!! A new release to improve FDR experience and enhance safety



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