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The AERA Annual Meeting is the world's largest gathering of education researchers and a showcase for groundbreaking, innovative studies in an array of areas. The 2023 Annual Meeting is a dual-component conference. The place-based component will be held in Chicago, IL, April 13-16. The virtual component will be held online May 4-5.
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Meeting Theme: Interrogating Consequential Education Research in Pursuit of Truth
What is truth and who decides? From what evidence, if any, do people construct their positions about truth as they make decisions concerning education? Education research is too often absent, underrepresented, misinterpreted, under-nuanced, and decontextualized in broader, societal, and public conversations about educational issues in pursuit of truth. From what research and evidence do people consult when making decisions about banning and censoring books and curriculum materials? How do people interpret education research when making policy judgements about Critical Race Theory and its potential effects? From what data repositories do people engage in making a case for what history is and is not taught in schools? When education research is considered, the implications and outcomes for marginalized communities can be harmful or beneficial. In pursuit of truth, education research needs to be (a) designed to matter in public policy and practice and, concurrently, (b) interrogated to ensure equitable processes and results.. Read more about this years theme on AERAs website>
Meeting Highlights
Major events such as the Opening Keynote Lecture (featuring Cornel West), the AERA Presidential Address (featuring 2023 AERA President Rich Milner), the AERA Distinguished Lecture (featuring Arnetha Ball) and the Wallace Foundation Distinguished Lecture (featuring Linda C. Tillman), the AERA Awards Ceremony and Celebration, and more, should be on every attendees schedule. Along with AERA Awards Lectures, these premiere sessions offer unparalleled opportunities to hear from thought leaders, prominent scholars, and champions of education research.
The Research and Science Policy Forum will offer a series of sessions focusing on important issues such as, innovation in education research, federal research funding, gender and equity in educational measurement, role of education research in national STEM education priorities, and use of geospatial and poverty estimate data to inform education policy. Presenters include policy leaders from key federal science offices and agencies, foundation heads, and leading scholars.
In addition to major lectures and high-profile AERA-wide sessions, hundreds of paper, roundtable, and poster sessions and symposia will be held by AERA divisions, SIGs, and committees. Be certain to check out the sessions and business meetings offered by those AERA units as well as Professional Development Courses that align with your research interests.
Note: The 2023 Annual Meeting of the National Council on the Measurement in Education (NCME) will be held on April 12-15 in conjunction with the AERA Annual Meeting place-based meeting in Chicago, IL.

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