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AdviceFit is a user-friendly membership management platform aimed towards digitizing the processes involved in the Health and Wellness Sector. Whether you own Fitness centers, Swimming pools, Spas, Yoga centers, Recreation centers or any membership-based organization, AdviceFit offers you an affordable and easily accessible way to manage all the internal processes.

It will help you to manage centers and the employees, keep track of members their attendance and the memberships details. An inbuilt customer engagement feature Integrated with an attendance management system AdviceFit provides you with the best IT solution to manage and grow your business.

AdviceFit is a platform built on the state of the art technology with the capability of interoperability across multiple devices. AdviceFit aims at revolutionizing the fitness ecosystem through digitally managing all key components - Fitness Centers, Members, Employees, Visitors, etc. It provides Stakeholders with a streamlined method of keeping a check on all business processes- Subscription, Inquiry, Payment, Package, Follow-Ups, Membership, etc

1. It Saves Your Money - A software which helps you to manage centers, employees, members, a point of sale their billing and attendance at the same time. An all in one software solution to manage and grow your business.

2. It Saves Your Time - Now manage your different reports. let you know about the status of your members in much lesser time as compared to traditional methods.

3. Its Scale-able - Handling huge members data in excel sheets is quite hectic. While when you use software this is much simpler as your data is uploaded on daily basis.

4. It Works on different platforms - Advice is a platform build on the state of the art technology with the capability of interoperability across multiple devices.

5. Its Intelligent - Gym software has a huge number of reports for a quick overview. They use historical and forecast data to give you unprecedented insight into your business, allowing you to manage your staff costs in a way that maximizes profitability.

6.Fee Collection- For gyms or fitness clubs to remain in business, it is important that they regularly collect payments from members. That is why Advicefit has an automatic notifications feature. This enables them to be aware of when a member is supposed to pay their membership fee so they can collect on time.

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Developer: Advicefit Wellness Private Limited

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