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Download Advanced Mind Programs to:
Form and build healthy habits while eliminating bad ones
Fundamentally transform how you see yourself and the world around you
Increase conscious control over your subconscious mind
Cultivate mindfulness techniques to bring a sense of peace into your life
Use self-hypnosis and hypno-telling to change the operating system of your mind
Attract and manifest desires of abundance, wealth, self-care and guidance to living a better life
Improve mental wellness by reducing pain and anger, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, mental burnout, nervousness, tension, sadness, self doubt and loneliness
Increase self esteem and confidence, energy and resilience, focus and concentration, health and fitness, growth and development
Increase the benefits of self awareness through calming meditation practice, breath-work, and soon-to-be released journaling
Change negative thought patterns to create major shifts in your mindset
Change your perspective on life by understanding gratitude
Connect with music and nature to improve your environment
Develop better relationships
Increase positivity and blissful sleep while reducing insomnia
Produce relaxing alpha and theta trance-like states where your subconscious absorbs information more effectively
Shift your headspace while increasing your motivation and productivity
Achieve your goals by overcoming challenges in your life
Practice affirmations and other powerful statements everyday to help strengthen your connections to desired beliefs
Listen to uplifting messages that match your best values
Feel more balanced and joyful by affirming your dreams and ambitions
Expertly shift your mood and control your emotions to manage overwhelming feelings
Create and experience ideal happy and tranquil amazing days
Learn about the latest scientific research from neuroscientists to help become what you believe
Increase loving-kindness and compassion
Use our modern science based high-quality audio video technologies to produce massive changes in your life
Use CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Psychology principles to overcome addictions, OCD and ADHD
Receive personalized reminders based upon time and locations to remember to practice everyday
Use our soundscapes to rewire your brain for relaxation and tranquility
Increase your personal power and vibrational energy to attract what you want in your life
Increase your brain coherence to develop higher levels of learning and thought processes
Gain deeper insight into your world and the universe
Make daily changes so that you can design the perfect life you have always wanted to live

It is estimated by some scientists that as much as 97% of our daily thoughts and feelings are affected by our memories. Your memory stores billions of thoughts and feelings from your past. These past thoughts and feelings define who you are today. They do this over time by forming large neural networks that are built within our minds and bodies. While many of your internal networks benefit you each day, some are impacting your life in negative ways. The application we have developed using cutting-edge science-based AMPs allow you to gain access and alter your neural networks. Our programs are uniquely engineered to improve all areas of your life.
Our many years of recording and production in a state-of-the-art studio has allowed us to design our AMPs to create a more cohesive thought flow, allowing you to relate each statement to your personal life experience. This will give you greater insight into your personal growth.
Think of our programs as your friendly guides helping you to develop yourself. Envision a new you, taking action each day, fulfilling your destiny of becoming your best self.
Coming Soon:
Create customized journeys with habit tracker and visualize dream board
Track your progress with personalized user statistics

We will be customizing several new "AMP"s each week based on your needs and desires. We look forward to hearing from you!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Advanced Mind Programs.


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