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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Add all to Watch Later [no ads].

Removed the name [REDACTED] because the service that starts with You and ends with Tube doesn't want to be mentioned.

Do you know the "Watch later" playlist of [REDACTED]? It is (in my opinion) a useful feature to save videos you want to watch but you can't at the moment, by keeping them on a private playlist for easy finding. If you don't use it then this app isn't for you (or perhaps you will start using it thanks to this!).

Adding videos to that playlist while navigating on the android [REDACTED] app is really easy, just click the three dots near a video, and click on 'add to watch later'. You can even do so in the video notifications! It is even easier on desktop, videos have the button directly onto them if you are logged in.

But, what if you are on Android and not using the [REDACTED] app? What if you saw the video on a page while browsing the internet, a friend sent you a link, or it was on a news feed?
If you want to use the [REDACTED] app way you need to click the link so that it is opened, mute and/or pause the video (because you don't want to see it at that moment), click on the 'add to' button, and finally the 'watch later' playlist. Then close [REDACTED] and continue where you left.

If that's no problem for you, then forget about this app. However if you find this process time consuming, or perhaps you don't want to waste precious data usage while doing so (the video is opened and starts playing) then this app is for you! I hope...

With this app installed and configured you just need to send the link of the video, or the page containing that video, to this app (as if sharing it). The app will scan the given text and present all videos found for you to choose which ones to save, and then only those selected will automatically be added to your [REDACTED] watch later playlist, without opening the [REDACTED] app! Multiple videos are allowed, you can directly add all the videos on a webpage if you want.

For those who need a more concrete description of the app features: You need to send a text to this app (via the 'send to' feature from any app). Then:
- If the shared text contains one or more [REDACTED] links, all of them will be listed.
- If the shared text does not contains any [REDACTED] links, it will search for normal url links.
For each url found it will scan the html of that page (after redirects) and extract all [REDACTED] links found. All videos found in all pages will be listed.

For example:
If someone sent you a link to a video, share that link and that video will be listed.
If you are browsing a page with videos and you want to save one or more of them, share the page and they all will be listed.

The list shows the thumbnail, the title and the beginning of the description of each video, you can choose which to save and which not, this app will never add any video that is not selected.

This app uses the [REDACTED] API V3.
You can find more information on the Privacy policy here:

You can review the app code on GitHub here:

Special thanks to the developer of Watch Later ( for the inspiration!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Add all to Watch Later [no ads].



Recent changes: V 1.6
- Ability to click on thumbnails to play in preview mode
- Share selected videos
- More detailed loading message

V 1.5
- Updated link to blog page & privacy policy.
- Better messages from blacklist videos.
- Removed Ads, app size reduced.
- [Now the app code is available on Github! Check the description for the link]

V 1.4
- NEW: Blacklist. Add videos that will be omited when scanned.
- Check minimum videos after removing invalid ones too.

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