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Acharya4Life is a learning platform with an integrated library. It provides every individual the
environment and the opportunity to constantly learn and upgrade their knowledge. In other
words, Shishyas (Students or people wanting to gain knowledge) can approach Acharyas
(Gurus or experts in a discipline) to guide them and mentor them to achieve their dreams.
The platform offers
Integrated video conferencing with the ability to record and store sessions
A powerful Calendar and Scheduling Engine
Integrated Library
Integrated Chat facility
As an Acharya, you can
Design and define your courses or workshops
Schedule your sessions according to your availability
Have control over recording and storage of sessions
As a Shishya, you can
Enrich your knowledge across diverse academic and non-academic disciplines
Chat with your Acharyas before or after a session

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Acharya4life.


Developer: Codeswift Technologies

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