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Guard against digital temptations and encourage purity in your family! Accountable2You is an accountability app designed with even the most tech-savvy teenager in mind.

Easily and securely view your activity reports in the online dashboard. Review activity at a glance, with alerts for anything objectionable like pornography or nsfw content. Share device activity with your accountability partner to boost motivation and make better choices online!

As one of the leading accountability apps, our advanced reporting is trusted by thousands of families and individuals.

Ability to invite accountability partners
Uninstall and circumvention attempts are reported
Email alerts for pornography or objectionable content
Instant text alerts for pornography or highly objectionable content
All records are available to view in real-time through a secure online dashboard

To use this software you need an account with Accountable2You. Start your free trial today at Be accountable online while using YouTube, Facebook, and the Internet on any browser! A paid subscription to Accountable2You allows you to use the software on Android, PC, Mac, iOS, Chromebook and Linux devices.

Acceptable Use:
Accountable2You must be installed by the legal owner and/or custodian of this device solely for one of the following purposes:
monitoring your personal usage on this device
monitoring your (minor) childs usage on your device
monitoring employee usage on an organizationally owned device
Installing Accountable2You on devices for purposes other than those stated above is explicitly prohibited.

Permissions and technical details:

Accountable2You makes use of the following permissions.

This app uses accessibility services permission. It records the activity on your device including the name and title of an app used. This activity is collected even while the Accountable2You app is closed or not in use. The app displays a persistent notification icon when Accountable2You is active.

Note: You may choose to exclude specific apps to preserve privacy.

Accountable2You does not collect personal or sensitive user data from a device and transmit it to any third party (enterprise or another individual).

The accessibility services permission (BIND_ACCESSIBILITY_SERVICE) is not used for any other purpose.

Device admin
This app uses the device administrator permission. The device administrator permission is used to automatically detect and notify your accountability partners when the app is disabled or uninstalled.

The device administrator permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN) is not used for any other purpose.

Please contact us at [email protected] or search the extensive help section on our website at

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Accountable2You.


Developer: Accountable2You, LLC

Recent changes: Guard against digital temptations in your family! In this version we’ve made numerous bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.

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