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Prayer or worship is the essence of Hindu religion. The most popular way of praying is by chanting 'Mantras'. Mantras are mostly in Sanskrit and many people often chant them without knowing the meaning and without concentration. Many a times they get distracted and hence it is a challenge to keep oneself focussed and experience the devotional bliss and peace.

This app is called 'Aamantran' which means invitation. It also has the word 'mantra' in it and thus means inviting God by chanting of mantras.The App allows you to direct your prayers to your favourite God or Goddess.

How to pray:

You can pray any time, anywhere at your convenience. But the best time is the early morning hours. You can place your mobile or tablet or laptop on front of you and start the prayer. Make sure that you have a good internet connection.

After choosing your favourite God or Goddess, start chanting the mantra scrolling on the screen. To enhance your spiritual and blissful experience it is better to use earphones and pray into the microphone. This will enhance your concentration and keep you foccused on the reverberations of the mantra. There will also be an accompanying soothing and devotional tune in the background.The screen will also show a kaleidoscope of colours for you to concentrate.

Keep your hands folded and eyes closed while chanting the mantra. Mantra should be pronounced correctly and in a clear and audible voice. If the chanting of mantra is not correct then the image of God or Goddesses will not appear on the screen and you will have to continue praying.

When the mantras are pronounced correctly you will be rewarded by the sound of temple bells and a shankh(conch) and your favorite Gods or Goddesses will appear in front of you on the screen, thus giving you the ultimate devotional experience.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Aamantran.


Developer: Dr Naresh Balakrishnan

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