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A for Adley family Chat

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Hello A for Adley family Chat fans.
Using this camera you can show that video calls coming to you and you do chat using this app make call video with A For Adley and have fun time with your friends and family..!!

A for Adley family Chat app to make a fake call with Adley ,
app Adley video call is very easy to use and make a fake video call with Adley , Adley video calling you beautiful app its like Adley video call game and real call Adley
and real video call Adley ,
now by Adley video call app enjoy with pro app .

With Lionel Adley fake video call You can receive a fake call simulating a real voice of Adley grandson and also simulate a real video of Adley grandson, using this app to have fun is very good, because to call him idol Adley grandson and have a fake call simulation with Adley game, which creates a really funny moment with your friends, and you also have the option to get a call and play with your friend, and it shows them that you get calls from Adley and then informs you that its just a joke app that simulates a fake call from Adley and advises them to install that app too, because theyll get a funny call from Adley grandson and theyll do the same using Adley grandson and playing games with their friends

Adley is calling you: Fake Calling & Video Calling app to track your days in your spare time when you feel lonely and bored and entertain yourself with Fake Calls from your idol Adley . this app to simulate fake chat messenger with fake call and video call, we added option to start live chat with Adley , to see real live chat.

Do you want to play a prank on your friend and show that Adley family fake video call is call you?


1. Open the fake call and chat with Adley video call Call application
2. Select the member you want to call audio or video
3. start call audio or call video, finally we add a specially button to start live video with Adley Fake Video Call
4.Join the chat to start communicating with A for Adley family or have a chat discussion with your contact Adley to ask him some questions, send a picture and more!


_ Incoming video call
_ Incoming audio call
_ sending text messages -prank chat-
_ prank live

Hope you will be entertained by this app where we are Adley video call


A for Adley family Chat it's a prank and is not an official app, just for entertainment and only for joke, it a 100% fake and fictional simulation just for prank your friends.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game A for Adley family Chat.


Developer: OneStody

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