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6A/B Chinese

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Play this online game named 6A/B Chinese.

6A/B Chinese app is from the “P3-P6 Chinese” app series developed by Learning in Transit company. It is based on Singapore’s MOE P6 Chinese syllabus to help students learn better and score in exams.

6A/B Chinese app works like flash cards, helping students to revise commonly tested Chinese words and its meanings quickly. Being able to memorise words and its meanings will build up a child’s Chinese foundation, giving them more confidence in the exams.

With the app on iPhones and iPads, students can revise 6A/B Chinese while on the go -when waiting for the bus, during self-study sessions or before bedtime. This app provides quick and timely access for revision anytime, anywhere you want.

Made for Singapore students, you may be amused to find the local slang, “Sing-lish” in the app. These “Sing-lish” meanings will help students to remember much better as it is a lingo close to their hearts. Do not worry, as students will know they cannot write “Sing-lish” words in the exams. These “Sing-lish” are in italics and inverted commas.

Another unique feature of 6A/B Chinese app is that it includes extra words, which are still ‘part’ of the chapter. For example, instead of having ‘手掌’,we have ‘易如反掌’ in the app, as this is more commonly tested than ‘手掌’. Sometimes, this is how schools introduce the more difficult questions in the exams.

6A/B Chinese app also encourages quality bonding time between parents and children as everyone can learn through play with it. Once students have mastered all the words and meanings, you can select for the swipe cards to appear in ‘Random’ or increase the speed so as to make it more fun for everyone!

6A/B Chinese app is primarily made for 9-12 year old students in Singapore. This app will benefit between 192,000-216,000 students in Singapore every year for all four exams(Continual Assessment 1, Semestral Assessment 1, Continual Assessment 2 and Semestral Assessment 2) in February, May, August and October respectively. It will be extremely helpful for Primary 6 students who are taking their PSLE(Primary School Leaving Examination) as everything they have learned from P3-P6 are tested.

This app is also for people learning Chinese outside China. Internationally, it is estimated that 50 million people outside China are learning Chinese. This app will help them greatly as the phonetics or hanyu pinyin, Chinese word and its English meanings in this app will help them to revise Elementary Chinese at the Intermedia level quickly. The number of people learning Chinese outside China has increased by 10% in the last 5 years, so this app will come in handy for them.

The elderly, housewives and people who are aiming to learn a new language will find this easy to use and convenient for learning. With 6A Chinese app installed on their iPhones or iPads, they can learn Chinese while on the go. Thus, this app will benefit another 5 million people globally.




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