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3D Smart Cuve Soft Keyboard play online

Free play online 3D Smart Cuve Soft Keyboard APK

3D Smart Cuve Soft Keyboard

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Play this online game named 3D Smart Cuve Soft Keyboard.

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3D Smart Cuve Keyboard is 3D cube character input soft keyboard.
You can enter the English consonants and vowels with rotate the cube.
Inputing character is playing cube.
So, you can enter characters faster, easier, more comfortable and more fun.

[Main Features]
3D Smart Cuve Keyboard!

1. You can enter the Korean consonants and vowels with rotate the cube.

2. You can enter alphabets more quickly and correctly with large buttons.

3. You can enter Japanese hiragana and katakana at once.

4. You can enter numbers, symbols and emoticons easily without mode change.

[How to install and use]
Search "Smart Cuve" and install in Android Market or T Store.

1. "Settings" icon and run.
(You can run "Settings" with press the menu button)

2. Touch "Language and keyboard".

3. Check the "Smart Cuve" item.

4. Touch "Select Input Method".

5. Select "Smart Cuve" Keyboard.

[Service Contact and bug report]
E-mail: rnd.moriah @
Tel: +82-2-414-7077

See the video below for explanation.

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard]

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard Setting]

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard Korean]

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard English]

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard Japanese]

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard Number & Emoticon]

[3D Smart Cuve Keyboard Functions]

[Smart Cuve Korean]

[Smart Cuve English]

[Smart Cuve Japanese]

[Smart Cuve Functions]

[Smart Cuve Tab Version]




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