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Are you a group administrator?

Do you have large communication needs and want a free solution instead of paying for bulk SMS?

Well, then you have landed on the right app.

100pins is the most evolved, fastest and easiest group management and group communication app. 100pins enables you to create SMART groups - you can add as many fields of information for a member as you want (e. g. name, email, mobile, city, country, college, date of birth), use those fields as filters to search for (and message) only members matching certain criteria, assign access rights to other members to various degrees, collect payments, and more. Group sizes are UNLIMITED, and the app is extremely simple to use. And FREE.

100pins is also an excellent substitute for bulk SMS.

Instant messages via 100pins are free if the sender and the receiver both have the app. If a receiver doesn't have the app, 100pins allows you (optionally) to send an SMS to him/her - SMS rates on 100pins are the lowest in the market. This, if you are already using bulk SMS or are thinking about that, 100pins is not only the lowest-cost and most professional service, it slowly becomes free as more and more of your users play online the 100pins app (resulting in SMS not needed). And 100pins has a large number of state-of-the-art group management and archiving features no bulk SMS provider offers.

Who should use 100pins?

1. Special Interest Groups / Hobby Groups

2. Clubs, NGOs and Associations

3. School / College Administrators

4. Political Parties / Leaders

5. Residential Communities

6. Government Bodies

7. Businesses (especially B2C)

8. Anyone needing bulk SMS

In short anybody who wants to bring his entire community on a common platform and collaborate should use 100pins.

Why should you use 100pins?

100pins is the world's most evolved group management application, far more powerful than the biggest names out there. And quite easy to use. Here's a small summary of what you can do:

1. Instant Broadcasts: Stay connected with your group anytime and anywhere - 100pins groups are unlimited in size.

2. Targeted bulk messaging: You can send a group message/SMS only to members of your group matching specific criteria (e. g. all people in a city, and of a gender).

3. Lowest-Cost SMS: 100pins allows you to send bulk SMS at the lowest cost to those members of your group who don't have the 100pins app. The SMS service is currently available only in India.

4. Cloud-based phonebook with unlimited contacts: Store the contacts of your entire community on the cloud and access them on the app.

5. Easy Payment Collection: Do you have to collect funds for something? Use our payment gateway or integrate your own (no additional cost) to enable transactions.

6. Testimonial pages: 100pins gives you a free page to generate authenticated testimonials from your group members, a page which can then rank on searches for your business/entity and go viral on social networks.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game 100pins - Free Group Messaging.


Developer: LRR Technologies

Genre: Communication

App version: 1.1.0

App size: 2.4M


I am unable to send message neither from App nor from Browser. Please help me to understand the App.

It's showing error everytime when i open the app Please fix it

Very good App for group communication

Waste app,because it shows 70% attendance for a month in this app,but in my college as 81% ,,see diffence

It is an excellent app for group messaging...'

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