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10000 hours - skill tracker play online

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10000 hours

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game 10000 hours - skill tracker.

New development

- Create skills
- Track progress of skills
- Reach new levels
- View statistics
- Dress up your character
- Get achievements
- Self development & Self improvement

10000 hours

A study has been conducted that on average it takes about 10,000 hours to be successful in any business.

Create skills

When creating a skill, you can specify how long you want to practice per day or week or month and in the "10,000 hours - skill tracker" application will automatically calculate the end date for the selected goal. Let's go self-improvement.

Track progress of skills

When you add hours to a skill in the "10,000 hours - skill tracker" application, you will be able to get levels and intermediate levels. Let's go self-development.

Main levels

In the application "10,000 hours - skill tracker" if there are 6 main levels
- Beginner
- Amateur. It takes 800 hours to reach.
- Experienced. It takes 2500 hours to reach.
- Professional. It takes 5000 hours to reach.
- Expert. It takes 7500 hours to reach.
- Master. It takes 10,000 hours to reach.


In the "10,000 hours - skill tracker" application you can view skill statistics. You can also view the skill history.

Dress up your character

In the application "10,000 hours - skill tracker" you can dress your character. There are 5 costumes at the moment:

- Standard
- King
- Jazz suit
- Hip-hop suit
- Rock suit

Self development and self improvement

Start doing self development & self improvement and then achieve high results


10000 hours - skill tracker have got many achievements. If you get achievement then y can open new character. Let's go self-development.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game 10000 hours - skill tracker.


Developer: Time Management Studio

Recent changes: ✅ Improved stopwatch
✅ Improved statistics ui
✅ Fixed bugs
✅ Added common statistics
✅ Improved UX / UI
✅ Added premium chest
✅ Fixed bugs
✅ Added customization of levels
✅ Added stopwatch notification
✅ Added stopwatch
✅ Added achievements
✅ Added new characters

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