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Zoo Animal Transport: Heli play online

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Zoo Animal Transport: Heli

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Play this online game named Zoo Animal Transport: Heli.

Takeoff your zoo animals helicopter from forest and fly to the hospital with injured zoo animals. Your missions include transporting Lion , Tiger , Bull and other animals with help of Helicopter. Fly on hilly areas where animals cant be transported by train or truck simulator. As you are all set to take you on an adventure ride, transport all necessary Snow and Forest Animal. ANIMAL TRANSPORTER HELICOPTER RESCUE is a brand new concept in animal transport games. Fly air container over mountains across city area to deliver wild animals as rescuer.

Your core duty is to transport the animals from one place to another place in the provided time limit otherwise the game will be over. you’ll have to carry zebra , bull , wolf , horse and lion from the zoo to the veterinary hospital for their check up. You will transport bears and cheetah from the farm to the city zoo.Use Helicopter to rescue towards the city zoo. You will have to transport lions and a hippopotamus from the jungle to the city zoo. Highlighted arrows, spots and heli pads will be provided for better navigation. Animals must stand on highlighted spots inside the cages and you will operate the helicopter by following highlighted arrows whilst sensibly landing the helicopter on the heli pad.

In this wild animals transporter game you will act as a cargo pilot of helicopter delivering undomesticated and dangerous beasts to the city zoo. These wild beasts have come to the town from various continents and they should be transported safely to the city zoo.You are the delivery driver assigned with this daunting job as this is no livestock control you are handling. It's the untamed lot like the King of the jungle itself. These ferocious creatures demand you to be vigilant and careful . You must have a yen for thrill and excitement to take on this duty. First of all you need to load the beasts onto your cage . Be careful as not to get in their way and move them into the trailer.While moving the animals , you must do it in a way that won't cause them any injury or harm. Your duty is to ensure their safe and sound delivery to the city hospital.After delivering the cargo to the city hospital, you must land your trailer in the pre-defined landing area .The challenge must be completed within the given time.In this game which will make your Flying experience more real. You have definitely not played a simulator such as this before. You are required to operate this Helicopter loaded with a wild cage. If you are ready to take on this adventurous job and enjoy the life of a wild animal transporter.


-Three dimensional real world environment
-Attractive and user friendly graphics
-Realistic simulation of animals
-Realistic Helicopter
-Amazing sound effects.
-Fun filled animals movement levels and missions

Ready to fly? So it’s time to turn on your helicopter’s engine, begin the helicopter flight and let’s complete one of the best animal transporter games while controlling through animal transport simulator. This is the best of helicopter transport games for sure while keeping your main focus on transporting the animals. Our ANIMAL TRANSPORTER HELICOPTER brings everything that a dedicated transporter helicopter pilot could wish for!
This is no tame animal transport simulator for the weak-kneed people. For the lion hearted ones , a new chapter in truck transporter games, Animal Transporter Helicopter Rescue , is here. Farmyard cattle and livestock like sheep and cows are easy to handle but moving lions, tigers, elephants is no mean feat at all and that's exactly what you will be doing in Transport Truck and animal transport train games. No ordinary cattle transporter truck will do for this job. You have a proper heavy goods vehicle for moving these feral creatures.




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