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Zombie fake Video call- prank video call play online

Play Zombie fake Video call- prank video call APK

Zombie fake Video call- prank video call

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Zombie fake Video call- prank video call.

do you want to call zombie? do you like to prank your friends?
Zombie fake Video call- prank video call will allow you to receive a call from the scary Zombie.
the app is designed to be as realistic as possible to help you pull-off a believable prank.
we present our application "Zombie fake Video call- prank video call" with which you can pranks your friends and more!
you can choose the audio that's going to be played after picking up a voice call.
you can choose the video that's going to be played in the case of a video call.
Zombie fake Video call- prank video call a wonderful application that will liven up all your relatives and friends.
you can also chat with pennywise.
fake call from pizza-pizza game simulation allow you to joke and prank your friends, and and make them think they have to pay for pizza and have a funny freddy raiponce .
you and your family will love this app instant prank.
get incoming call with photo and customizable pre-recorded voice.
enjoy to make friend fool with fakecall.
fun, of course, because friends certainly believe.
download "Zombie fake Video call- prank video call" and have fun! the false call oogy or fake text message resembles the real thing, and it is difficult for others to see ah wow .
Zombie fake Video call- prank video call allow you to recieve simulated fake call from zombie delivery and make family member happy.
surprise your friends with a prank call from zombie.
so enjoy the app and give your friends and family a good scare.
With a fake call from a zombie, you'll experience the most terrifying prank call ever. The fact that zombies are created from dead corpses or humans makes them more terrifying than you could imagine. Take care when pretending to be a zombie. Things can get scary quickly.
'fake call zombie' is the best prank caller app that lets you make prank calls from a zombie character as if it's a real zombie calling you on your phone to scare you to death. As soon as a zombie calls you, you'll hear your phone's regular ringtone with a zombie photo, and when you answer, you'll see a scary zombie video and hear the scariest zombie sounds ever.
Starting a prank call from zombie will be a lot of fun if you love adventures. Anyone who wants to play a prank on their friends to scare them will also enjoy it.

how to use this app :
1. enter name of scary zombie.
2. set some time .
3. press call oogy
4. wait for call from police and oogy and momo.
5. select voice call or video call

1-easy to use
2-accpet call and enjoy it
3-simulate talking video wallpaers and scary sounds
4-select time to get call.
5-out of the office but wish to appear in the office
6- you can change the caller name and number
7-fake videocall from scary zombie horror
8-the creepy zombie horror voices
9-simulate fake incoming call with the creepy zombie
10-fake text and number
11-chat with the horror creepy zombie
12-funny game

All of these features are available for free on the fake call zombie app.
How long will you wait? The horror-filled experience of a fake call zombie app awaits you now.

the app does not provide any real calling functionality
our app is not responsible any losses due to pranks played using our app
this app is meant for entertainment purpose only
please use the app at your own discretion

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Zombie fake Video call- prank video call.


Developer: philipi studio

Genre: Entertainment

App version: 0.0.3

App size: 9.8M


'Very very bad app

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