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Zombie Audio A-1(VR Game)

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Zombie Audio A-1(VR Game).

The virtual reality game only using auditory sense without visual sight released.

now it is your turn to experience!
It is the binaural sound horror game Zombie Audio that killing unexpected creatures depending on hearing instead of opening eyes.

As the game Zombie Audio is an auditory-dependent virtual reality game, users can have an astonishing experience that zombies are right next to them while playing it with closed eyes.

Considering the fact that almost every game these days is produced to use visual sight main sense, Zombie audio has differentiated competitiveness.
Anyone can experience the vivid virtual reality from hearing by using ear-phones(also by head-phones).

This became possible due to the binaural sound technology which is applied for the users to feel the realism by ear-phones.

The game is about the story of the main character, who is visually impaired, surviving in the world occupied by zombies. As he survives depending only on hearing, users may play it with closed eyes and be part of the story themselves.

You can play online this mobile game Zombie Audio A-1 on Google play store and iOS app store for free.
It has released in two different applications which are Korean story version and English story version.

Be all ears, be the virtual reality unfolded. Be fascinated by the unusual experience playing Zombie Audio A-1.

Genre : adventure Horror Game

The pregnant lady, the old and the infirm, and the mentally or physically weak person should refrain from playing this game!
It might be dangerous playing in motion.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Zombie Audio A-1(VR Game).


Developer: Maniju Entertainment

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