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YRSCORE is an application that allows you to track metrics of driving style and influence of various external factors on driving skills. To use the application, the equipment must be installed in the vehicle.


While using the car, you develop certain habits, including those that impair your driving skills and increase the likelihood of provoking an road accident. The frequency of these negative habits determines how likely your car is to get into an accident in the near future.

Depending on your habits, you drive differently. A unique telematics scoring technology, using data analysis from the accelerometer installed in the car, tracks your specific driving style.

YRSCORE determines the most appropriate characteristics of your driving style so that you can track the dynamics of changes in your skills and habits. You can also take notes on your trips. Usually, when a person consciously monitors his driving, he can easily form good habits and abandon negative ones, which increases his safety on the road.

You just need to regularly take notes on your trips and monitor the impact of the noted factors on your progress.


Analyze your driving style with an accelerometer.

Detailed statistics and daily driving performance metrics.

Trends in driving quality over a long period.

Trip Notes - See how different factors such as route, traffic jams or well-being affect your driving experience.


Equipment installed in the vehicle.
The presence of a personal account.

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YRSCORE - Driving Style Tracker

In YRSCORE, it is convenient to analyze your trips, manage your habits and create personalized driving recommendations.

Globally. Dynamically. At any given time.

If you are a representative of an insurance company, tell the insurers who bought MTPL or Casco with telematics from you about YRSCORE.

If you are a fleet manager, tell your drivers about YRSCORE.

YRSCORE will help your driving become fun and quality

Offer the drivers a game - the better you drive the car, the more bonuses you get.

YRSCORE will tell you under what circumstances the best or worst driving is manifested, and what goals to fulfill in order to be better than the majority.

YRSCORE does not use stereotypes and misconceptions in relation to drivers, but offers them objective data, on the basis of which a personal motivation program can be built.

How do I use YRSCORE?

For customers with telematics installed

Enter your username and password from your personal account. If the data is lost, it can be requested from the insurance or leasing company, fleet manager

Drive, leave travel notes, see how well you drive, change habits and reach your goals

The better the driving, the greater the discount on the MTPL or Casco insurance policy, bonuses from the fleet management

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game YRSCORE - Your Driving Tracker.


Developer: RPI Capital

Recent changes: Minor bugs fixed, improved stability

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