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Yasser Al Dossari Audio Quran

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Play this online game named Yasser Al Dossari Audio Quran.

Yasser Al Dossari whose full name is Yasser Ben Rashed Ben Hassine ALwad3ani Al Dossari, is an imam and Saudi Sheik, endowed with a real chants, native of Saudi Arabia. Yasser Al Dossari is also a famous reciter of Holy quoran, and it at the national and international level.

Yasser Al Dossari is at present an imam of the named Mosque the Mosque Dakhil in the region of Ryad in Saudi Arabia. Taker of an exceptional and harmonious voice ,Yasser Al Dossari attracts a large number of priors , in particular during the saints harms of the month crowned Ramadan.

Yasser Dossari Audio Quran MP3 is The Holy Quran Recitation of its entirety by Sheikh Yasser Al Dossari.
This App contains the complete Qur'an MP3 audio by the famous Quran reciter Qari Yasser Dossari.

You have the choice of either listening via audio streaming yasser dossari mp3 quran from the internet or you can play online the files to your device.
All files qari yasser dosari mp3 are streamed from the internet
You can play online each MP3 qari yasser dossari file by using the play online icon in the top
If file yasir dosari is downloaded, the app will serve the audio file directly from your device (no internet connection needed) to play yasser al dossari mp3 quran.

To share audio files yasser dossari mp3 quran, press long, select share to see options.




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