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Yaseen MP3 Offline Free

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Play this online game named Yaseen MP3 Offline Free.

Welcome the holy month of Ramadan 2018/1439 H let's learn Surah Yaseen with Sheikh Mishary Alafasy, Sheikh Abdulrahman Al Sudais, Sheikh Saad Al Ghamidi, Sheikh Maher Al Muaiqly, Sheikh Ahmad Bin Ali Al Ajmi.

Yaseen MP3 Offline Free is free offline Islamic apps. Play this online game and listen to surat yasin from the Quran. You dont need to play online mp3, just install the app.
If you want to recite text, check out my other apps.

includes the following rectors:

Mishary Alafasy
Abdulrahman Al Sudais
Saad Al Ghamidi
Maher Al Muaiqly
Ahmad Bin Ali Al Ajmi

1 Anas (RA) reported Allah’s Messenger (saw) saying, "Everything has a heart and the heart of the Holy Qur’an is Yasin. Allah will record anyone who recites Yasin as having recited the Holy Qur’an ten times." Tirmidhi, Darimi

2. Ata ibn Abi Rabah (RA) told of hearing that Allah’s Messenger (saw) said, "If anyone recites Yasin at the beginning of the day, his needs will be fulfilled." Darimi

3. Maqal ibn Yasaar Muzani (RA) reported the Holy Prophet (saw) saying, "If anyone recites Yasin for Allah’s pleasure, his past sins will be forgiven; so recite it on those who are dying." Baihaqi

4. Anas (RA) reported Rasulullah (saw) saying, "Whoever goes to the graveyard and reads Surah Yain Allah gives them (the grave dwellers) ease that day, and the reciter receives spiritual blessings equivalent to the amount of letters of Surah Yasin.” Qurtubi

5. Maqal ibn Yasaar (RA) reports that the Holy Prophet (saw) has said, "Recite Surah Yasin on those who are dying." Abu Dawud

6. Ummud Darda (RA) reports the Noble Prophet (saw) saying, "Over no person who is about to die and Surah Yasin is read upon them but Allah lightens the difficulties of death for him." Qurtubi

7. Abu Hurairah (RA) says that the Messenger of Allah has said, "Whoever recites Surah Yasin at night seeking the pleasure of Allah , that night he will be forgiven." Abu Nuaym.

Marhaban ya Ramadan 2018/1439 H ... The holy month full of blessings has arrived. It's time to get closer to Him. Away from evil and increase worship on Him. With all humility, we say sorry to be born and inward for all wrong and wrong .... Welcome the holy month of Ramadan 2018/1439 H.

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