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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Yacht Work List.

Your best tool, the YWL APP was created on its native app form for mobile devices adding value to the Yacht Work List Desktop version.

The APP will allow you to work from anywhere in the world, either on board or in the oce, using a tablet or a mobile device, without losing sight of the main objective; organize, share and improve the management of the dierent jobs on the yacht.

The APP main features will upgrade your management, for example taking and sharing pictures with your YWL Team, either attaching images from your mobile gallery. Those pictures, descriptions, or specifications can be linked with any WO. The APP includes a WO Chat, for connecting the entire team in one platform, focusing the eorts and conversations and leaving a trace of the progress and decisions made.

In essence, a tool that closes the YWL circle and therefore allows you to have the total control of the yacht, while you are connected from anywhere, whether at the airport or at the oce, docked in the harbour or during the refit period.

Improve Your Management:
Technical Specifications
Quick access to the Yacht details and main information, required at any moment and one of the keys of the success.
Work Orders & WO Chat
The APP brings to your hand all the necessary and valuable information for creating a full detailed Job Specification with the details that may require. The WO Chat will focus the Team communication minimising the unread information.
More details
In addition to Work Orders and Tech Specs, the APP has a total of 5 further sections:
- DASHBOARD - Manage the Yacht from anywhere without losing the global vision. Work in
progress, budget progress and status, next refits, etc.
- CREW - Who is on board, who is on vacation? Control the team rotation and easily check the status of your crew and next periods.
- CONTACTS - A full agenda that keeps the Yacht Contacts details easy to find by the Yacht
Team. Add any contact while you are in a Boat Show, Refit Period, etc.
- WORK LIST - View, check and follow the progress of the Work Lists created from various Work Orders and control their status at any time.
- REQUEST FOR QUOTATION - Control all the quotes required through YWL to your most valuable suppliers and contractors.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Yacht Work List.



Recent changes: Version 1.0 includes the following:
- Dashboard
- KPI’s Display
- Crew
- Information Display
- Contacts
- Creation & Management
- Technical Specs
- Creation & Management
- Work Orders
- Creation & Management
- Work List
- Filtered WO Management.
- RFQ's
- Information Display
- Chats
- Creation & Management

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