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Weapon guide for dark cloud play online

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Weapon guide for dark cloud

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Weapon guide for dark cloud.

this program tells you the stats required to build up weapons. You can also see the weapon build path so you can preplan and choose which path to go on your weapon building. Just start typing the name of a weapon in the game, the program will try to guess what weapon your looking for. click the desired weapon to display the stats the build the weapon and view what weapons the given weapon can build up to. the red highlighted box shows you which weapon stats are being shows, just single click to see the stats of another weapon shows in the weapon tree. use the tabs below to switch between the various categories of stats.

not all weapon data is currently included, but will be added in an upcoming update. I will also probably include icons for the various stats and maybe weapon pictures.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Weapon guide for dark cloud.


Developer: rdurbin

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.21

App size: 173k

Recent changes: 1.21
added more weapon stat enteries

the new tab now allows you to specify if you want rare gems (ruby, diamond, etc)
new tab also allows you to calculate main stats like ATK, EDUR or to ignore these
made it so the result list can be scrolled.


Thank you very much, I'm playing the Japanese version of the game which is very different (and worse is most ways!) the Japanese version doesn't have a build up option which tells you what you need so this app has been very helpful! This Dark Cloud app is truely fantastic!

Doesn't work with new phones

Incomplete weapon guide

Please finish this though

There are a lot of mistakes. Super Steve does not transform and Angel Shooter doesn't transform into Steve ( to name a couple)"

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