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A disturbing shadow on the rats who were spending peaceful time in a human house

The war of mice is a game whose purpose is to control unstable missiles and hit them against targets.
Let's hit the target while controlling the missile that does not fly straight with the left and right buttons and the injection button.

Even a mouse boss who gets angry when he makes a mistake will surely praise him if he does his job properly!

Time is 20xx
The mice were relaxing in the human dwelling

But at one point a mouse gets disturbing information

That is, the existence of a "cat" will come

It is said that the "cat" exists to eat the mouse and spreads disasters.

And the "cat" is about to come

The mice do not run away
Prepared to fight instead

He stole human skills, stole materials, and prepared for the coming time.

And finally
Succeeded in producing the secret weapon "BoomBoomChuChu".

Challenge the shadow of the slowly approaching "cat" ,,,,

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game War Of Rats.


Developer: LazyNerd

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