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Are you ready to experiment with your interior color palette? Wall painting is all about getting your walls freshly coated with paint for the neat and tidy look! Do you want to spruce up the look of your living room or give it a bright welcoming ambiance with the help of different colors? You can always take a pick at the option you like the most. The beauty of the wall paints is that it gives the house a new look and the family just loves it!
You can paint the wall yourself using the fascinating ideas available on the internet or go to YouTube and look for different tutorials that can help you. But, if you are willing to hire a painter for your house’s wall painting, here are the beautiful wall paint design ideas that you can go for:
Go for the warm earth look!
Earthy environment and natural colors promote the feeling of relaxation and peace. If you plan on going for this wall paint design, you need to make sure you choose warm, relaxing and natural colors. The subtle shades of brown, cool shades of blue and the inspiring hues of green fall in this category. You can always go for contrasting walls or paint the entire room in a single color adding furniture, wall hangings, and other items in contrast.
Paint your living room and bedroom keeping in mind the interior
The interior of a room determines whether you need to pick a color for the wall that would make it look larger or a color that would give it the perfectly organized look. For living rooms, combos like gray and white, and olive green and off-white goes really well. For your kid’s bedroom walls, you can pick a cute corner design and get it painted on the pink/ blue wall.
Create a textured wall look
All of us have our walls painted in a solid color, don’t we? And many of us want to add a hint of luxury to our living or drawing room walls? Even the conference rooms or the walls of the theatre/ auditoriums are showcased in a luxurious way using the paints. This is made possible by stepping into the realm of textured paints. Techniques like stippling, rag rolling, marbling, and faux painting are used and beautiful pattern or texture is designed on the walls. Look at the images we have shared and select the texture you like!
How’s a custom moral going to look?
This is one of the amazing ideas that will make your huge living room wall look like an inspiring piece of art. You can paint a small part of the wall or make the entire wall your canvas. Pick a theme or a famous painter’s work, your own patterns or just a mixture of rainbow colors to give your wall the splashing liveliness it deserves.
Go bold with black or gold
Have you visited the cafés with the back or gold wall theme? Don’t they look mesmerizing? You can imitate the same effect by adding black or gold color to your wall space. The black color can help you give a 3-D look to your place.




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