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'Living is an art, a skill, a technique. You need to learn and practise it as you would to play a musical instrument or fly an aircraft.' A. Parthasarathy
Vedanta is derived from two words Veda – Knowledge and Anta – End. Vedanta means the end of knowledge. This ancient philosophy presents the eternal principles of life and living. It programmes a life of mental peace combined with dynamic action in the world. Equips one with clarity of intellect to deal with the challenges of life. Above all its philosophy leads one to the ultimate goal of Self-Realisation.
This app enables you to access the public lecture content of A. Parthasarathy, affectionately known as Swamiji and his daughter disciple Sunandaji. There are single topic lectures, scriptural text lecture series and a few devotional compositions. Along with the free content, you could subscribe or rent additional content.


1. Unnecessary permissions on install are removed (contacts, location, microphone)
2. Added some features to playing Audio books
3. Share App with friends option added
4. Forced update added.



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