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Year 2093. Earth's four major superpowers are waging a violent intergalactic war over the most precious and rare resource, water. Join the Liberterran Fleet with First Lieutenant Cyllis Dearden as he engages in combat alongside his first space fighter squadron. As you strike down your fanatic enemies, help Cyllis uncover the Liberterran government's role in this epic conflict between tyranny and freedom.

Dabrits Entertainment brings an immersive story-driven game that combines a complex story akin to an RPG but the action of old-school retro arcade games we cherish. Valkyrie Skies is a unique mix between a visual novel and a shoot-em-up. This space shooter is an exciting retro action adventure arcade game.

Enjoy the fast-paced game play and engaging soundtrack as you champion the cause of intergalactic freedom and justice.


- 3 unlockable player ships

- More than 3 hours of fast-paced gameplay

- 11 unique enemies

- 10 distinctive levels

- 9 rock'n soundtracks by Deceased Superior Technician


- 6 unlockable player ships

- More than 10 hours of fast-paced gameplay

- 22 unique enemies

- 30 unique levels

- 9 rock'n soundtracks by Deceased Superior Technician


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