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You’re not dreaming: in their 60’s, the authors of Tyrann have unearthed their armors and spell books to update their famous role-playing game from the 80s’!
Tyrann will bring back many memories to the players that, in 1984, spent hours on Oric, Amstrad, TO7 or MO5, fighting disreputable creatures in the huge labyrinths near the village of Gloanur. And all this in 48KB memory!
The version available here has been updated for Android smartphones and tablet computers, and is totally free and without ads.

For newcomers, Tyrann is a “classic” of computer role playing games. Set up a team of six characters to explore the depths looking for the queen Tyrann. To face the complex mazes, you will have to find the right balance in the group between warriors, thieves, druids and magicians. Each one having its specificities, you will have to watch the characteristics of each character fits their orientation.
And be careful in preparing details: neglecting items or spells may well be the highway to graveyard!

Tyrann is divided in two parts: first a large sequence of labyrinths which will allow the team to learn and slowly gain enough experience, before… The final labyrinth, being the 2nd part and the quest for Tyrann. Unexperienced fighters will stand less surviving chances than a rabbit saying hello to hungry barbarians! So remain humble, and start with first levels – who will already request quite a few healing spells.

Did you complete Tyrann 30 years ago? Were you only born then?
Whatever the answer, give a try to the inhospitable mazes of Golanur, helped by your team of heroes-to-be!

And don’t take too long, since some other quests may wait for you soon with Tyrann’s sequel, Le Fer d’Amnukor, that had been released on Oric only in the 80s’!


Fixed bug on the spell "Yadeh" that can resurrect your companions during a camp.



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