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Tred – the green debit card

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Tred lets you effortlessly track, reduce and offset your carbon footprint. Get the banking app thats designed to help you save the planet, with a recycled debit card that plants trees as you spend. Join over 35,000 people whove signed up to make a difference to the planet with Tred.

Whats Tred?

Tred is the UKs leading green neobank. Spend on the game-changing debit card that helps you save the planet. Connect all your bank accounts using open banking for a full view of your carbon footprint.

The Tred sustainable debit card

You spend like you normally would, and we use the revenue to plant trees, without it costing you a penny. Its even made from recycled plastic. Its the card for fighting climate change.

The banking app for shrinking your footprint
Control your money with ease using Tred banking app. We show your spending breakdown by category, provide transaction notifications and make it easy to freeze and unfreeze your card. Your money is kept totally secure with no cap. Tred is the only UK banking app to be 100% carbon neutral and B-Corp Certified.

Track your carbon footprint

The Tred app also calculates your personalized carbon footprint based on your spending, from your daily coffee to your weekly shop. Personalised and highly accurate, its the best way yet to track your climate impact.

You can also link all your bank accounts and cards so you can track your total impact. This means you understand both your footprint and your spending, so you can make better decisions for your planet and your pocket.

Reduce your footprint with smart switches

Now you understand your carbon footprint thanks to Treds track feature, you can make smarter decisions when it comes to shrinking your footprint. Our reduce section tracks your progress and gives you personalized recommendations for how to shrink it, and our in-app marketplace provides lots of great ideas for sustainable switches.

Offset your carbon emissions

Tred makes it easy to go carbon-neutral by offsetting your emissions with one of Treds hand-picked, third-party-verified offsetting plans. You can pick from a range of plans to suit your budget and interests. All are rigorously checked and approved by trusted 3rd parties to ensure they really deliver claimed emissions reductions. All schemes also support the UN sustainable development goals.

See the impact of every transaction

Discover a new layer of insight into your spending with individual transaction breakdowns. See where and when the payment was made, and learn more about the amount of CO2 it created.

Track all your spending in one place

Connect your bank accounts and cards to Tred, so you can track your total carbon footprint across all your spending. We use open banking for a seamless and secure connection.

Our transparent fee of just

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