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Welcome to the Tour Guide Course

It is clearly not an accident that you have found yourself here if you...

Love to travel
Enjoy and are exhilarated by seeing new, strange and exotic places
Like meeting new people and experiencing different cultures
Want the kind of life that will allow you to do all these things AND make money while doing them...

You are in EXACTLY the right place!

Take a moment right now to picture yourself in one of a dozen exciting, exotic lands...
Katmadu... Bali..... Berlin.... The Galapagos Islands... Floating down the Thames...

All of these and more are available - and within reach to you – as a suceesful Tour Guide !

Of course, you’ll need the skills and know how to be successful and that’s where we come in...
We are YOUR partners in making your dreams a reality!
Today you get the opportunity to fast track your way to being a Tour Guide.
Do you know what makes a great Tour Guide? Knowing how to deal with the situations that arise!

Here's a taste of what you'll learn:

Tour Group Safety – Everything you need to know about keeping your tour group safe and healthy, including…
The essential first aid kit
How to deal with illness
Assessing the safety of accommodations
Knowledge of how to effectively manage your vehicles on tour
What to do in the event of an accident
Communication Skills – This is a crucial ability that every Tour Guide needs…
Know how to “nail” the all important interview
Learn about different cultures’ styles of communication
Understand how to communicate difficult information
Be at peak performance when you meet your group for the first time
Improve your narration skills
Be assertive yet unconfrontational – Get your message across powerfully & without push-back
Tour Guide Responsibilities – A complete guide to everything a Tour Guide needs to know…
Duties of a Tour Guide made simple
Professional Code of Conduct for Tour Guides
How to handle tour funds
A Tour Leader’s complete guide to writing your “End of Tour” Report
Vital destination research
Effective Tour Guide Leadership Skills – As the leader of a group, you need some essential  skills…
Discover the key to that vital first impression
Sure fire ways to remember names and impress your clients
How to make life easier for yourself by knowing what to do before the tour starts
X Factor Tour Guide qualities
Proven, effective solutions to dealing with complaints
Four top tips for group psychology on tour
How to make more money by learning from others and profiting from a tour guide’s experience
Coping with Emergency Situations - Crucial information for Tour Guides…
What to tell insurance companies after an accident
What you should know about theft, loss and insurance claims
Your chance to learn from mistakes – and disasters – even before they happen to you
Practical advice for difficult situations on tour




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