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Play this online game named ToDo Alarm Planner.

Home Screen
It will organize your tasks in four categories like Backlog, Today, Tomorrow and Future.
This can be displayed based on Date, Priority or Duration. This can be sorted based on the sorted screen option selection
In first look we can see Title, Content, Date with weekday, time and duration. It also specifies whether it’s a repeated item or not. If it’s repeated it will display dark repeated icon else light repeated icon. It will show the priority Icon (Low, Medium or High).
To mark a task as complete you can simply click the check box.
To delete a specific task you can swipe from right to left. Based on the confirmation it will delete task
It has three different themes. You can alter the theme in Settings screen

Add Screen
You can add a task by clicking the + icon.
You can set the date & time. You can set the duration either in minutes or hours. To change hrs to minutes you click the Hours. Tos et the time you can scroll.
You can change the repeat type by clicking the repeat type.
You can change the alarm type for specific task.
To save the task you can click the save button.

Sort Screen
You can sort the tasks in the Sort Screen. You can click the Sort button.
To sort the tasks in groups based on the Date, Duration or Priority , You can set the First Level sort, To do that that Click on Date. You can do either Ascending or descending by clicking the toggle button.
The second level sort will do the sorting in that particular group.
The Third level sort will sort tasks only if the second level tasks are same

Schedule Screen
Scheduling will help you to manage the tasks.
If a task is start at 2:30 and takes 1hr to complete it will block the calendar 2:30 to 3:30 .
With a quick look you can create a task specific time on specific date
You can choose availability by giving the start date & end date

Settings Screen:-

To raise a bug you can click the bug which will launch email screen that help us to fix the bug in next version.
You can give the suggestion by clicking the suggestion button which will popup email screen. There you can specify suggestion. This will help us to improve the app.
To backup or restore your tasks you need to activate your email.
To activate your email you need to enter your email and click on Code. Then a unique code will be sent to the specified email.
Once you got the code you need to enter in Activate filed and hit activate. This will Activate your email.
As soon the email is activated you can backup & Restore your tasks as they will be saved on cloud. Even if you uninstall the app. You can restore the tasks
To change the theme you can select any of the themes.
There also various default setting that you can change in settings screen.

More Options

You can mark multiple tasks as completed or deleted or shared.
To get this feature click the right arrow.
To select all click on the Empty Circle and to select none click the same button.
To select / deselect particular tasks you can click on the task.
After you select some tasks
To share click share button. This will launch email app and you can send the selected tasks.
To delete the selected tasks click the X button




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