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Tiny Cat Jumping Game play online

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Tiny Cat Jumping Game

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Play this online game named Tiny Cat Jumping Game.

The best "run and jump game" takes you to a crazy adventure!
Tiny Cat Jumping Game is a unique version of "2D platform games" with a "cute kitty" as the main hero. It is one of the most addicting games, a cool "action adventure" and a crazy "arcade game for kids" and adults!
If you like exciting and "fun games for Android", you must play online this free app!

Will you manage to save your tiny Ginger cat from a dangerous dog called Benji? Who is going to run faster, Ginger or Benji? Help Ginger escape!

⇨ Fast-paced action adventure!
⇨ Physics-based game!
⇨ Vertically challenging platform jumping on a never-ending island!
⇨ Relaxing & entertaining music!
⇨ Run, jump, dash and slide away from your enemy!

Prepare yourself for endless “running and jumping” on moving platforms in 2D!
Warm up your fingers for lots of tapping and tilting!
Epic adventure quest starts with free “Tiny Cat Jumping Game”!

How to play this "fun adventure game":
⇨ Tilt your phone to run and slide left and right!
⇨ When you see a passage between the moving platforms, tap to "jump up" to the next level!
⇨ Take care of your tiny cat Ginger – if he hits his head or bumps into the dog, he won't be able to run for a few seconds!
⇨ Collect all the fish-bones – feed your pretty kitty so that it can run and jump endlessly!
⇨ Make a break, relax and enjoy this tilt game full of running and jumping action!

Our tiny kitty cat is happy when it jumps – make Ginger the happiest cat in the world and brace yourself for a crazy joy ride on moving platforms!
Your kids will enjoy playing this “cute game” with its favorite animals – a “cat and dog game” perfect for kids!
Tiny cat “fun run” game will stun you! It is one of those "fun and addicting games" that are interesting for all generations – children, teens, adults will all enjoy playing this epic adventure with cats and dogs!

You're amid the everlasting chase between a “cat and dog,” who is going to win this time? If Ginger jumps imprudently and hits into Benji, you lose! Be faster, and be smarter! Make your tactic for playing and beat the dog in this fun run!

Tiny Cat Jumping Game is a new free game 2015 of running and jumping on moving platforms! The game is easy to master but beware! - you must play this “running game for girls and boys” rapidly and carefully – if you tilt your phone and run into the wrong direction or jump at the wrong moment, you'll lose the ground under your feet and you'll die!

So, get ready for a tightly packed action adventure game, be always on the move and pay attention to feed Ginger so that he can run and jump endlessly! Charge his battery with tasty fish-bones!

⇨ Download the best “free racing game with tilt steering”!
⇨ Run, jump, slide, dash and escape the dog like a real pro!
⇨ Dare to make even the impossible jump to save your tiny cat's life!
⇨ Avoid all dumb ways to die!
⇨ Keep on running and jumping from dusk till dawn because this game is endless!
⇨ Download our new free “running game for kids” and give your best to survive in this maze!

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