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Use UptoPlay to play online the game The Legend Tenyom Latto Latto.

The Legend Tenyom Lato Lato is a simple yet very much in demand, many children play when they are on holiday, the sound of pakpokpakpok is so crazy you will love it! Plus, this game character is so funny it will get you addicted!

This 3d Latto-latto gameplay is so addictive so often that many children have bumps on their heads due to being hit by this latto ball or tek tek offline now its available on cellphones. But don't forget to pray and eat, don't keep playing on your cellphone. The Legend Tenyom Latto Latto Simulator has many extensive features and skins

Lato Lato Mainan is indeed playable on many devices. Latto Latto viral Legend Tenyom also has Leaderboard so you can show off your skills and tell your friends about it. Set the highest score and share them all over social media.

Latto Latto tek tek game is indeed a game adaptation of the old school game lato lato or latto latto, tek tek. Play the lato lato game on your cellphone now, and get ready to make your neighbors happy with the melodious sounds of this lato lato.

Latto Latto game 2023 offline offers a lot of more features and unbelieveably will make you crave for more.. Download fast this Latto Latto Piyeto, the original viral latto latto game aka the Legend Tenyom version 1.0 has lots of skins. You can change your latto latto ball skin, there are almost 10 ball skins that you can choose from, but you have to collect at least some coins first to buy the lato lato ball.

Now enjoy this Latto Latto toy game, it is really fun game 3D, not much different from the original Lato Lato, you can play online the Lato Lato Tek Tek game for free! This Lato Lato toy is definitely the best Lato Lato simulator games here on playstore and is the right option for you!
Start fast invite your friends and family, share this 3d Latto Latto Simulator aka Viral lato lato to everyone you know! the uniqueness of this lato lato is you can't choose funny balls when you start the game however once you start collecting coins in the game Lato Lato Simulator or Lato Lato Etek Tek you can choose the ball as you like. come on.. play now, guys, so you can also be good at playing original tek tek.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game The Legend Tenyom Latto Latto.


Developer: Ecozoft

Recent changes: Version 1.5 2 FEBRUARI 2023
1. Controls Improved
2. KARAKTER di tambahkan

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