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The Exams - Word Disorder(Scramble) play online

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The Exams

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Play this online game named The Exams - Word Disorder(Scramble).

About: Try your best to unscramble the words that are given to you in a the given time, or you will start lose points over time. There are a total of 5 Exams, and each exam has a certain amount of pages you will need to complete to unlock the next. As you progress through each exam it will get a bit more difficult.

+Challenging -- It be pretty challenging at times, but also pretty easy & forgiving.

+Educational -- Helps to keep your spelling on point, and quite entertaining.

+Immersive Sounds -- This app was design to have realistic sounds to match the sounds of an educational environment. You'll experience better with headphones

+Help -- You can call on your classmates for help, they will give you a hint to help you out. Your teacher will give a hint by telling you the word length but will deduct points.

+ADs -- No need to worry, If you find the ads annoying, there's a feature that allows you to temporary turn off certain interstitial ads at no cost. So the game is basically completely free to play.

+Offline Play -- No internet is required to play.

Feel that the game needs improving? Feel free to leave feedback down below.


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