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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Swiss Army Knife.

Swiss Army Knife is a tool with multiple functions that you will love. Very light compared to everything it can do for you. With 15 applications that you can discover and start using. It has a 1. Mirror, 2. A flashlight that allows both the front and rear flash, 3. Flashlight, 4. Magnifying glass, 5. Clothing size converter, 6. Size shoe converter, 7. Level, 8 Notepad, 9. Scientific calculator, 10. Random number generator, 11. Counter, 12. Measure converter, 13. Rule, 14. Conveyor and a 15. Music player, in only 15Mb of space !!!!

If you have a good idea send it to the developer's email and it is possible that you will find it in the following version.

Note, every time a sub-application is initiated within the Swiss Knife, an advertisement is presented that is not presented again during the entire use of it, in case of opening a new sub-application the cycle is repeated. This helps us to give you a free application, thanks.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Swiss Army Knife.


Developer: Gusanijos - Jorge Antonio Pedro Burgoa

Genre: Tools

App version: 1.49

App size: 12M


Terrible, every time you click on something an add pops up. It is unusable as well as it uses a massive amount of resources.

Love this app! I've had it for many years! It's helped countless times in many ways!

You can't actually use it because an as would pop up every 5 seconds I'm not even joking. And the app has a weird user interface and really weirder uses. Don't waste your time on this app.

Advertisement of Files by Google opening on each and every action button you tap. Very disgusting experience earlier this was my favourite app.

I'm deleting this app, impossible to use as there are adverts popping up constantly!!!"

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