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The world of superhero, hero, and villain is being threatened by an unknown power. The doctor with unknown power threatened to destroy the marvellous universe and its champions if they don't follow his game. This strange looking doctor is gathering all of the heroes and villains alike to invite them in a deadly championship fighting contest. The winner of the contest will be granted anything they ever wanted in this multiverse.

Many factions of the marvellous universe from all over the future galaxy has gathered. The hero faction, the crime faction, the D.E.A.D corporation, the guardians factions and many more has gathered and picked their champion to fight for their faction.

After a long fight for elimination stage, there are 14 champions left to fight this epic battle of the history:
Flying Superhero, Incredible Hero, Dead Rope Ninja, Spider Cyborg, Smash Monster, Mad Monster, Thunder Speed, Black Whip, Mutant Wolf, Iron Cop, Captain Megastar, Super Soldier, Justice Bot, and Punch Hero.

The champions are going to fight and survive in an epic proportion with their heroic power, speed, strength, abilities to save the galaxy, universe and futuristic multiverse from the evil force and to avenge the world for justice.

Prepare yourself for the largest epic fighting action game on the history!

- Choose your favorite heroes!
- Many cool abilities
- Awesome, fun, and thrilling action gameplay!
- More than 53 heroes to choose!
- Amazing graphics!
- Best 2D action fighting game of 2019

Play this futuristic championship to save the universe!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Superhero Champions: Street Contest.


Developer: Nixerd Hero

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