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If you have a desk job and spend hours every day at your computer, chances are you may feel some kind of discomfort or soreness by the end of the day.
This app acts as a simple walkthrough to give you clear, easy to understand instructions to help set up your work station ergonomically.

Nothing too fancy with over the top graphics and animations, but a clear cut instructional guide to help adjust your workstation to reduce risk of muscoloskeletal disorders (MSDs).
The app was designed following Canadian Standard Association (CSA) guidelines, a tool that ergonomists follow to make their recommendations at the workplace.

Try Straight Comfort to hopefully get you through the work day a little more... comfier. You have nothing to lose! (it's free).

Note: This app would better supplement an in-person ergonomics assessment by a certified ergonomist. An in person ergonomics assessment may be able to spot uncommon workstation situations that the app may not cover. Ergonomists will also be able to order appropriate office equipment or tools that may need to be required for your workstation! Check with your company's health and safety department about scheduling an ergonomics assessment.

Optimized for the Nexus 5




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