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Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from municipal wastewater, containing mainly household sewage plus some industrial wastewater. Physical, chemical, and biological processes are used to remove contaminants and produce treated wastewater (or treated effluent) that is safe enough for release into the environment. A by-product of sewage treatment is a semi-solid waste or slurry, called sewage sludge. The sludge has to undergo further treatment before being suitable for disposal or application to land. In urban areas, water is tapped from rivers, streams, wells and lakes for domestic and industrial uses. Almost 80% of the water supplied for domestic use, comes back as wastewater. In most of the cases untreated wastewater is let out which either sinks into the ground as a potential pollutant of ground water or is discharged into the natural drainage system causing pollution in downstream areas. For performance evaluation of Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) funded by Ministry of Environment and Forest and Climate Change(MoEF&CC), Government of India, Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has been monitoring Sewage Treatment Plants installed in different parts of India. Taking further steps for improvement in analysis and monitoring at source, this app will play a major role.

This App can be used for ground level analysis of major Water quality parameters at inlet and outlet of Sewage Treatment Plant based on a methodology developed by CPCB. This App will be useful to STP operators working on site and involved in operation and maintenance of STP plant. App facilitates on the spot recording of sewage characteristics prevailing at the time of inlet and outlet of plant.

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