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Sixty-Six App ♠ 66 Santase, Free Card Games 2018 play online

Free play online Sixty-Six App ♠ 66 Santase, Free Card Games 2018 APK

Sixty-Six App ♠ 66 Santase, Free Card Games 2018

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Play this online game named Sixty-Six App ♠ 66 Santase, Free Card Games 2018.

PLAY THE CLASSIC MULTIPLAYER CARD GAME SIXTY-SIX (66 SANTASE) ONLINE FOR FREE! Play live against thousands of active players or train offline against the computer.

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Sixty-six is a free 6-card game played with a deck of 24 cards consisting of the following: Ace, Ten, King, Queen, Jack and Nine, respectively worth 11, 10, 4, 3, 2 and 0 card-points. The Dealer is determined by different methods, while the deal alternates. Each player is dealt six cards and the top card of the remaining deck is turned face-up to show the trump suit. The remainder is placed crosswise on the trump card game.

The non-dealer engages in the first trick. A "trick" is taken by the highest card of the suit led that is in the trick, unless however the trick contains a card from the trump suit, in which case it's taken by the highest trump card in the trick. The trick is taken by the winner, turned face down, and should not be looked at again. If the player has 66 points, he wins points as per the following system:

One new game point if the opponent has 33 or more card points, or two game points if the opponent won at least one trick and has 0–32 card points

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Schnapsen is the name of the card game Sixty-Six in taverns of central Europe, especially in countries like Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia and Italy. The game is also named "Sixty Six","66", "Santase", "Bummerl", "Sechsundsechzig", "Snapszer", "Šnaps", "Soixante-six", "gra karciana" or "Šnops".

♦ Play Sixty-Six with your friends – online or via Bluetooth
♠ Improve your Sixty-Six Skills and get on the top of the 66 Highscore lists
♣ Play card games against the computer in multiple difficulty levels or chat with other players
♥ Enjoy the realistic display of the Santase cards on the table and get the feeling of playing in a traditional Tavern!

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You can play SixtySix alone or with yours friends. It’s free of cost and easy to learn but you will have to develop good strategies and tactics to beat your opponent.

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The new Sixty-Six App is also available for iOS and Facebook! Check it out on our website:


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