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Six+ Odds, Short Deck Poker Equity Calculator play online

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Six+ Odds, Short Deck Poker Equity Calculator

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Use UptoPlay to play online the game Six+ Odds, Short Deck Poker Equity Calculator.

Six+ Odds, the Androids top Short Deck Odds Calculator.
An essential tool for Short Deck Poker (Aka 6+ Holdem). Improve your game and take better decisions.

1- What is Six+ Odds app?

Six+ Odds is a poker odds calculator for Short Deck Holdem.
This app helps to calculate players probabilities of winning, not only for hand vs hand, but also hand vs range and range vs range. From 1 to 10 players.

> 1-10 players
Enter up to 10 players.

> Language
Use calculator in English or Chinese.

> Equity
Calculate probabilities of winning for players. Equity is a player's ownership of the pot. Equities add up to 100%.

> Keyboard
Easy-to-use keyboard designed for cards selection. It allows you to see unselected cards, selected cards, and dead cards. Players and community cards are easily set. The keyboard also allows you to generate random cards.

> Specific cards
Enter specific cards for the players and the board.

> Random cards
Assign random player and board cards.
If you select a player card slot, random button assigns a random card to this player.
If you select a board card slot, random button generates a random card for flop turn river.

> Dead cards
Select or remove dead cards. Dead cards are not part of the game anymore. Dead cards are not taken into account in calculations.

> Fold / unfold player
Fold and unfold players. Folded players do not take part in calculations.

> Simulation number selector
The app is using the Monte Carlo simulation method to calculate players' equities. It generates a large number of trials to converge accurate results. For complex scenarios, odds can be computed faster with this method rather than by enumerating all possible cases (because there are way too many possible cases).

Odds accuracy increases with the number of simulation trials.

> Tutorial
The tutorial will help users to get started with the app. It explains clearly all app features.

> Hand Type Stats
View how often a specific player's hand will make a hand type (one pair, two pair, 3 of a kind, etc.).

> Odds n:1 equity display
Show all stats as percentage % or odds n:1.

> Undo
Recover previous actions.

> Rules
Switch between different short deck rules.

Coming soon:

> Hand Range feature
. Full grid of 81 starting hands
. Hands slider selection
. Built hand range function
. Select suits in hand ranges
. Weight hand combos in hand ranges
. Hand combos stats
. Save/load hand ranges

> Statistics and Deal-To feature
. Hand type stats (from High Card to Royal Flush)
. Flop texture analysis
. Flop hit stats
. Stats for flopping draws, combo draws
. Flop texture analysis

2- Who can use Six+ Odds app?

. Amateur poker players can use this Short Deck Odds Calculator. It is particularly helpful since they can find out more about the mathematics behind the cards.

. Advanced to expert players will be pleased to use this Short Deck Odds Calculator. It will help them to analyze their game play with the advanced features available like hand ranges, statistics and more.

3- Why should I use Six+ Odds app?

. Quick probability winning estimation at any stage of a game, from pre-flop to river.

. Have a better understanding of the mathematics of Six Plus Holdem Poker.

. Game play analysis essential tool in order to improve your skill and take more and more better decision in the future.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Six+ Odds, Short Deck Poker Equity Calculator.


Developer: BonApp Ltd.

Recent changes: . minor display bugs fixed
. hand range menu improved
. combo counts display bug fixed
. weight function improved
. tie stats correction
. Royal flush stats correction
. Dead cards function improved

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