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Use UptoPlay to play online the game SirTeam.

* Communication
1. Mail
- Drag&Drop (file attachment, mail, etc.) function
- Mailbox-specific management and back-up capabilities
- Spam block function
- Mail sharing capabilities by user
- Mail classification function through tags and automatic classification settings
- Group Shipment and Shipment Schedule Features
- Detailed mail search function

2. Calendar
- Check the schedule of members by team/group
- Automatically recommend available time according to attendance schedule when registering a schedule
- View key schedules by company and organization through subscription services

3. Address book
- Add groups and provide favorite functions
- Register users, including user name, email, contact, address, etc
- Users can be identified by initial consonant
- Search for users by company, department, phone number, etc

4. Messenger
- Live Chat by Individual and Group
- Attachment Drag&Drop functionality provided
- Searching for Users and Groups
- Provides user-selective online/offline status capabilities
- Provides a favorite functionality

* Collaborate
1. Work flows
- Increase productivity with efficient collaboration tool support
- Real-time workload visibility
- Provides departmental work flow templates

2. Drive
- Collect important documents through Favorites
- Support for shared drives between users
- Google Drive Integration Support

3. Bulletin board
- Real-time communication channel between members
- Provides a purpose-specific bulletin board add-on
- Provides a selection of feed-type, list-type lists on the bulletin board

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game SirTeam.


Developer: Crinity

Recent changes: • Improve and stabilize functionality

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