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Simple Cricket Scoreboard

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The Simple Cricket Scoreboard is an easy to use interface to help keep track of 1v1 games of the dart game, Cricket. The UI calls back to a White Chalk on Green Chalkboard interface. Simply click the score icon each time you score a hit. The scoreboard keeps track of closing out your number, scoring extra points, and announcing a winner.

Cricket Rules:

To win, a player must "close" all numbers on the board AND have the highest score.
A number is closed once it has been hit 3 times.
If a player hits a number after closing, but the opponent has not scored, then their point total increases by the amount scored.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Simple Cricket Scoreboard.


Developer: FANG

Genre: Casual

App version: 1.0.0

App size: 7.0M

Recent changes: Initial Simple Cricket Scoreboard Release.


Middle numbers not showing in full, eg 25 shows as 2! Pixel 5, Android 11

Awesome, simple but great scorekeeper.'

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