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A platform for viewing or uploading great short feature films and shows up to twelve minutes long. Because life is constantly on the go, ShortQlips gives those with short burst of time, those in transit or those just waiting around, a chance for exceptional entertainment in those intervals.

From comedy to drama, to musical performances, reality shows, exercise shows, cooking shows, game shows, documentaries and shopping, ShortQlips provides a wide range of choices for anyone over the age of eighteens viewing pleasure.

Its free to view with no time limits or strings attached. Also, because ShortQlips doesnt have to negotiate for each video, and because they have a global presence and because they work with amateurs as well as professionals, new content is happening on ShortQlips, all the time.

Importantly, ShortQlips easy reporting feature allows for community-based policing, that when combined with their simple delete backend feature, allows ShortQlips to quickly remove inappropriate content and disable the accounts of repeat offenders.
With regards to uploads, ShortQlips offers budding writers, directors or creators an opportunity to unleash that story or stories inside them, thats just waiting to be told. These individuals can choose from multiple categories, create it in any language, record from multiple mediums and do it from any country. Be it amateur or professional, ShortQlips asks these creators for their very best.

Creators can make as many videos as they want and hone their skills through commentary and gauged interest through views and likes. Its ideal for students who need a platform for their craft and seek the affirmation and guidance of those beyond their immediate circle. Its great for teachers, who can let their students efforts, with regards to writing, directing or general creativity be seen, gauged and judged, by the masses versus the confines of a small classroom, giving them realistic experiences and feedback in real-time. Its also ideal for that individual who likes to create or has a great idea with regards to a video, but lacks the knowledge or contacts to get their work out to a large audience.

Here,, all anyone needs is a phone, an idea for a script and a passion to free it. As an added bonus to creators both amateur and professional, ShortQlips will attempt where possible to get those artists discovered by other content providers who may be seeking new independent talent for their own mediums.

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