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At least once in a lifetime, you have been in a situation where your phone started ringing in the middle of an important meeting or in the presence of a strict manager / lecturer. By the time you take your phone out of your pocket or bag and put it on silent mode, everyone around would have noticed you.

This small disturbance sometimes brings out a big negative impact. A few of us feel embarrassed in such situations. Some people have even lost big contracts as a sudden phone call diverts attention when making important deals.

Seems there is a lot of EVIL around this particular problem.
But, fear not, it is time to SHAKE it all off!! This simple, easy-to-use app solves your problem.

You don't have to take your phone out of your pocket or bag. When you hear a ring, you just have to shake your pocket or bag.
Install Shake Shake app in your Android device. Choose what you want your phone to do when you shake it, when you get a call.
You can choose to
1. Switch to Silent mode
2. Dismiss the call

And, That's it! Just shake your pocket when you get a call to put your phone on silent or cut the call immediately. No more disturbances; No more embarrassments!!


Phone goes into silent when shaking during the call, But it will remain silent till the user changes the mode
Added Description for Settings Screen



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