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SAWiE is offering data-driven solutions to farmers to better manage their farms independently. The SAWiE solutions are empowered by remote sensing tools which include the Earth Observation and ground-based sensors are adopted to meet the needs of all farm types, especially smallholder farms. It will help to improve crop productivity, yield and gain better returns on investment.

The SAWiE tools enable farmers to adopt optimum about managing their crops including irrigation, targeted scouting, an indication of troubled areas, scheduled and optimized watering scheme, nutrients, and crop protection measures by offering real-time information about geophysical and biophysical parameters.

The SAWiE tested tools rely on remote sensing using global data resources while data collection is carried out using novel and innovative data sensing techniques that includes Earth Observation/Satellites observation, drones, imaging, sensors, GIS covering small farms. The data is processed through innovative data mining techniques including AI and Machine Learning then is aligned with the prominent crop modeling tools that include Aqua Crops and other open-source models etc. Providing satellite-based precision agronomy SAWiE promotes sustainable agronomy by impacting the social, economical, and environmental Aspects, hence trying to achieve UNs Sustainable Development Goals.

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