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Russian Holy Bible

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Play this online game named Russian Holy Bible.

Библия - Russian Bible

Ветхий завет:
Gn [1] Бытие
Ex [2] Исход
Lv [3] Левит
Nm [4] Числа
Dt [5] Второзаконие
Js [6] Иисус Навин
Jg*[7] Книга Судей
Rt [8] Руфь
1Sm [9] 1-я Царств
2Sm [10] 2-я Царств
1Kn [11] 3-я Царств
2Kn [12] 4-я Царств
1Ch [13] 1-я Паралипоменон
2Ch [14] 2-я Паралипоменон
Ez [15] Ездра
Nh [16] Неемия
Es [17] Есфирь
Jb [18] Иов
Ps [19] Псалтирь
Pr [20] Притчи
Ec [21] Екклесиаст
Sn [22] Песни Песней
Is [23] Исаия
Jr [24] Иеремия
Lm [25] Плач Иеремии
Ek* [26] Иезекииль
Dn [27] Даниил
Hs [28] Осия
Jl [29] Иоиль
Am [30] Амос
Ob [31] Авдия
Jh [32] Иона
Mc [33] Михей
Na* [34] Наум
Hk* [35] Аввакум
Zp [36] Софония
Hg [37] Аггей
Zc [38] Захария
Ml [39] Малахия

Новый завет:
Mt [40] Матфея
Mr [41] Марка
Lk [42] Луки
Jn [43] Иоанна
Ac [44] Деяния
Rm [45] Римлянам
1Cr [46] 1-е Коринфянам
2Cr [47] 2-е Коринфянам
Gl [48] Галатам
Ep [49] Ефесянам
Ph [50] Филиппийцам
Cl [51] Колоссянам
1Th [52] 1-е Фессалоникийцам
2Th [53] 2-е Фессалоникийцам
1Tm [54] 1-е Тимофею
2Tm [55] 2-е Тимофею
Tt [56] Титу
Pl* [57] Филимону
Hb [58] Евреям
Jm [59] Иакова
1Pt [60] 1-e Петра
2Pt [61] 2-e Петра
1Jh [62] 1-e Иоанна
2Jh [63] 2-e Иоанна
3Jh [64] 3-e Иоанна
Jd [65] Иуда
Rv [66] Откровение

This is Russian Holy Bible. The Application is OFFLINE and does not need the internet connection.
Database will be downloaded when the application is run first time. We recommend you to use Wi-Fi connection.

Main features:
1. History – every word you ever viewed is stored in history.
2. Favorites – you are able to add words to favorites list by clicking the “star” icon.
3. Managing History and Favorites lists – you are able edit those lists or clear them.
4. Various Settings – you may change application’s font and theme (choose one of several color themes).
5. Word spelling, using Text-To-Speech module (requires internet connection). Powered by iSpeech®.
6. Context word search – click any word in translation article and search for it’s translation.
7. Random word of the day widget. To see the widget in the list the application must be installed to phone memory (dictionary database may be installed anywhere).

This app contains advertising.


Bugfixes and Some SDKs update.



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