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Major function:
The English version of the Runway is limited to English for mobile phone system language, other languages are not available.
1.Manipulate treadmill
Through the operation of mobile phone APP, the treadmill is controlled by speed increase or decrease, gradient increase or decrease, etc.
2.Sports Management
Weight recording curve, running program and complete plan.
3.Characteristic Function-Weight Drive
Use body scale to weigh and record body weight to generate health report.According to age, gender, BMI and other physical indicators, the user can actively push the appropriate exercise program.
4.Motion record
Keeping a running record can check the mileage, duration and consumption of a single and cumulative run at any time.
5.Training plan
A variety of modes to meet different needs.

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Runway.


Developer: Shanghai Hankang Health Management Co.,Ltd.

Recent changes: 1,Increase the security of login password;
2,Update user agreement and privacy policy;
3,Press and hold the run end button for 2 seconds to end the run;
4,New dynamic;
5,Fast speed adjustment (such as 2,4,6,8 km / h speed buttons) to achieve app and treadmill synchronization;
6,For Android 9.0 and more;
7,Fix other known issues.

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