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Battle ropes are a simple workout tool that virtually anyone can use, so don't be intimidated if you're just starting out. The ropes come in various lengths and widths, which will impact the intensity of your workout.
The longer and thicker the rope, the more force you'll need to use to make the waves. The slack allowed in the rope will also determine intensity. The closer you move to the anchor point, the more resistance you'll be creating.
Three popular ways to use the ropes follow,3 but don't stop at these. Part of the allure of battle ropes is that they allow you to move in many directions. (Fitness) The more movements you incorporate (such as side to side, up and down, or in circles), the more you'll work different muscles and increase your shoulder mobility and range of motion.
When men and women engaged in this HIIT program for four weeks, they increased their VO2 max, which is the maximum amount of oxygen you can take in while exercising and is used as a measure of cardiovascular health. It was noted that battle ropes HIIT shows potential to improve both aerobic and anaerobic parameters in just four weeks time.
Both the double wave and the alternating wave are beginner movements, so this is a simple and effective HIIT workout to start with if you're new to battle ropes. Greatist posted two clear descriptions of how to perform each:
Double Wave: "To start, stand facing the anchor with feet shoulder-width apart. Grasp one end of the rope in each hand so that your palms face each other. Bend knees slightly, brace your core, and move both arms up and down rapidly, creating waves in the rope."

Features :

* Double Wave
* Alternating Wave
* Beginner Battle Rope Workout
* Skipping Rope Techniques
* Alternating Reverse-Grip Wave Punch
* Hip Toss
* And more Rope & Fitness exercices in videos

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