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Rons WHS Statue of Liberty

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Play this online game named Rons WHS Statue of Liberty.

Our civilization is a heritage of beliefs, customs, spirit and effort accumulated over eons. And whence Spring springs, we inheritors of this unique cosmological identity & planet along with its cultural and natural resources, are responsible for celebrating, preserving and handing down this heritage to the next generation. Some of these are sites that are designated World Heritage Sites and there’s a lot more that are Heritage by soul.

This app welcomes you to take a sneak peek of some of the imageries of Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty is a cultural heritage site, located in the state of New York. The Statue of Liberty depicts a woman holding a book and a 46 m long torch set. Since its dedication to the nation (or should we say to the world) on October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty has meant may things to many people and most notably is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Among other symbolisms, the Statue has endured and inspired debates concerning liberty, peace, democracy, human rights, slavery, opportunity and many more synonyms of truth and liberty.

This app on Statue of Liberty invites you to a journey of the known and the unknown. A journey in search of something and find more unexpectedly. A journey that will surprise you, baffle you, make you believe, and make you believe more. A journey that will amaze, dazzle, startle, and most importantly instill pride of our culture, our heritage and our precious world. A journey that will once again reaffirm our pledge towards protecting our heritage for the future generations.

With more than twenty five beautiful imageries and as many little nuggets of information, this app will also let you set each picture as a Wallpaper.

And yes, most importantly, unlike most other apps, you are NOT connected to any external site that keeps tracking you and your device usage behavior – ensuring complete privacy.

No Disturbing Ads. No Unpleasant Ads. NO ADS.
SUPER SAFE (NO Connection to HIDDEN Servers on the Internet after initial download).
PURE OFFLINE USAGE (Usable in any zero connectivity area such as a remote National Park).
COST of APP – Pass on any heritage you inherited to your next gen in the same or better shape you inherited it.




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