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Dont know what to do during short waiting intervals in between your routine task?
Well, here is the solution: This new android game will help you pass ENJOY that boring time!
(Warning: You will get addicted)
Rockstar is a 2D casual game that will not let you leave your phone until the battery dies. It is a mini game that features a cool traveller making his way around the mountains, jumping from one rock to another. But, beware of the lava rocks because they are too hot to hop on. SO, DO NOT MAKE HIM STAND ON ANY OF THEM! This game challenges the player to jump around without falling down or landing on the lava rock. Too easy? Well, not! Time is your enemy so make sure you are moving your player fast enough that he doesnt leave behind. Also, the game has three different difficulties mode so that you can challenge your abilities to the best. To make things a little easier, you will get extra lifes in HARD difficulty mode. So, go on, and make a new high score. Not everything comes with instant benefits. So, dont leave the coins behind. Pick up as many as you can because you will need them to buy a lot of customization items in our future update. Stay ready to build an even more exciting and stylish player!

TIME KILLER: This game is an ultimate time killer. Once you have started, you are not backing off! So, dont forget to take out your phone will waiting at the subway
Exciting: The beautiful gameplay and ecstatic music will definitely release the hormones in your body.
Challenging: You will not stop playing once you have started because you want to beat your best. Dont you?
Light Gameplay: An end to your battery worries. An hour of gameplay wont drain more than 5% of your battery time.
Small play online package: Total size of the play online package is around 25 mbs. So dont worry about your data plan because it wont cost you a lot.
Small game size: Complete game will take under 50 mbs on your phone. Well, you can give that much of your space for YOURSELF! (out of the 16 gbs - at minimum - you have)

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game Rockstar.


Developer: BUGS

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