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Puzzle 3D

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Play this online game named Puzzle 3D - Fit Me In.

Fit Me In is a 3D logic puzzle game where you chill out fitting in puzzle blocks and listening to smooth music.
Each filled layer gives you new puzzles to play. Every few completed layers you level up and get new type of puzzles.

Why to play Fit Me In:
- the best controls for mobile
- chill out with SMOOTH music
- great brainteaser to GROW your brain cells
- average game-play time set to around 5 minutes so it is ideal for a QUICK BREAK

Game instructions

Your main goal is to relax and fill each platform with falling blocks. For each filled layer you get additional blocks. The game ends when you run out of blocks.

There are two game modes: easy and hard. The main difference is in game grid size. Easy mode contains 4x4x8 grid and hard has 6x6x8.


Game is fully controlled by your two fingers. For better understanding just check interactive tutorial built in.
Game screen is divided into two equal invisible parts:
- left side - swipe it to translate blocks up and down, left and right; quick double tap moves block one level down,
- right side - swipe to rotate figure in xyz axis; double tap to drop block to the floor.


Game created by Aliasing Games team.
For any suggestions and bugs reports please visit our website.
We will be happy to make it even better!

Copyright © 2016


* new splash screen
* bug fixes



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