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Use UptoPlay to play online the game PuiSciences Lycée.

PuiSciences Lyce offers videos of less than 3 minutes that explain the essentials of the French high school program in physics and chemistry, from now until the second.

The videos are based on experiments, learning mnemonics and above all a lot of fun.

Infographics and quizzes complement the texts and videos.
A homework and revision help function for the Brevet are available to help students.

The videos currently only cover the second program. What you need to know and learn is explicitly mentioned. The videos are accessible via Youtube. Infographics can be used as revision sheets, or as help before controls.

Entries currently available:
- Chromatography
- The electronic structure of atoms
- Ions and Lewis structure
- In the atom
- Mole
- The light
- Emission spectra
- Chemical changes
- Physical transformations
- Nuclear transformations
- Refraction
- Lenses
- Inertia
- gravity
- Describe the movements
- The sound

New features are in development. Greater interactivity and personalization of a follow-up of skills and knowledge in physical chemistry (SPC) is coming. New videos, quizzes and infographics will be available and/or improved, thanks in particular to your comments! RSVP on social networks.

This application required hours of development on my free time, where I taught myself to code, edit videos etc. Its content was inspired by my students, my colleagues, and my former teachers.

The app of the teacher who sucked at school... But who wants to help you progress!

Enjoy with UptoPlay the online game PuiSciences Lycée.


Developer: Adrien Gontier

Recent changes: Mise à jour du lecteur Youtube
Mise à jour d'inforgaphies

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